Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Safari (journey)

Well hello...I'm in Kenya now and in fact it was over a week since I left from Heathrow! It's gone so quickly! I don't know how much time I have to write this since we are going to 'hippo point' to see some hippos (i can only assume) so it may have to be a 'to be continued'...

i dont really like writing this cos it feels really impersonal but it really is the best way to tell as many important people as much information as i can other than just 'im here everythings fine'

So Pan brought me to Heathrow, after I had moved out of the Caithness house flat the day before and i met up with Cathryn (a girl on the project who goes to SOAS uni) in the airport. We sat together but the plane didnt leave for an hour so we were late arriving to Cairo which meant that our 1 hour changeover had become a 20 minute changeover and near impossible task!! we were ushered swiftly through and basically got to the plane as the last few people were stepping onto it! I had taken for granted the luxury of the first flight and not even made use of the inflight entertainment and now I was on a plane which not only didnt have entertainment but i didnt even have the luxury of a seat!!! all the foam was missing so i was being tipped forward and falling out of my seat!! i tried my luck to see if i could move to buisness class but to my dismay the plane was full and the flight attendant really didnt seem to care about my plight!!! the nice young italian next to me offered to change seats but he was too nice so i said it was ok..(why am i putting so much detail here...this is louise's influence!! i need to learn how to summarise!!!) anyway i realised that im very intelligent and suddenly had an idea! i fixed my pillow under the seat and it was fixed!! i was congratulated on my ingenuity by my fellow travellers.

Anyway we arrived at Nairobi airport at 3.30am and were met in the airport by a random man who had cathryns name on a card....(i should say here that cathryn and david had arranged for this to happen and we were going to the hotel where ben, hannah and david were already sound asleep) on the way we saw lorries in the middle of the road that had crashed and leaking, cars crashed, and at a roundabout a man who was dead in his car. We slept and in the morning Ben, David and I went for a walk around Nairobi. It was soooo busy and really dusty that we were almost choking! we wandered all around and went to see these artifacts and photos in some museum which was interesting. we went back to the hotel and went to the airport...for the 3 hour wait for a 40 minute flight..and finally we arrived at kisumu airport which was all outdoors and the smallest airport ive ever seen!


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