Monday, 23 August 2010

Mr Kingdom Kids, Outdoor showers and Tea

Crazy German Man meet Kisumu Street Boys
Now for another topic. I cannot promise this will be free from rants- but I will talk about nice things soon. Then I might have a lie down because I’m exhausting myself! Actually I’ll talk about some nicer things first.

Mr Kingdom Kids
After seeing an advert for Miss Kenya I had a joke idea of a Mr Kingdom Kids competition. Mebo thought it would be hilarious so we thought what the heck lets give it a go. Round one was catwalk, followed by talent, then dance off (without a separate dance round literally ALL the boys chose dance as their talent) then a speech and questions. The boys were given a week to prepare a talent and we went to get some lollies for all contestants, a belt for first prize, watch for second and chain for third. On Thursday (29th) evening, after a late start, we had the best evening I’ve had in Kenya  The boys found hilarious clothes for the catwalk, donned all the bling they could find (a surprising amount) and strutted their stuff to one track on repeat lol with varied levels of campness. Even Mebo and Ishmael joined in. For the talent contest there was an interesting range from bizarre kung fu to acrobatics to singing and poems. My favourite was Joseph Obongo who sat down put one leg behind his head, then as he put the other leg behind let off the loudest fart and I was just crying with hysterics…oh it was so funny… poor obongo… The dance of was literally awesome but the speeches were a bit sad as lots of the boys were saying things like ‘I could’ve done better, someone else deserves to win’ ‘I’m not really talented…I didn’t prepare enough.’ Obongo won, followed by Wycliffe and third to Emmanuel. Then we danced for the rest of the evening until it was so late we had to sleep!

Outdoor Showers
We went to Mebu's house which really was in the middle of nowhere for about 5 was so lovely and ill say more about it later but now ill just say about the shower.

The shower was an open air open topped shack with a corrugated iron door that kept falling open. It wasn’t an actual shower. First you had to pump water from the well, then carry it over and use jugs to pour water on yourself. It was so hot and we were doing stuff and outside so 2 showers a day were a must. Once you balance the door and cover the gap with a towel you can start. It sounds bad but tipping a jug of cold water over your head when you are sweaty and you can feel the sun beating down on your skin is just the most blissful feeling. Basically like diving into a swimming pool on a hot day but the rural African village version and you get clean. I also ‘showered’ as the sun was setting which was cool and beautiful and amazing and then the door fell open (luckily no one saw…). Just in general cold showers just are normal now…they are rubbish in the morning but when you’re hot and sweaty they are ideal..Also they make me get ready quicker otherwise I spend too long in the shower like mmmm warm water!!

Kenyan Tea
Kenyan tea comes as far as I can gather in two forms.
1. Strong tea – no milk, at least 6 sugars (which are already added when they boil the water and add the tea ..once or twice we’ve been given the sugar to add but we end up putting in at least 4 heaped spoons or else it just tastes weird lol….:S )
2. With milk- when I say with milk I mean 60% weird condensed milk tasting milk 10% tea 30% sugar…we kept being given this at school from flasks and the milk would congeal and the whole tea experience was an unpleasant test of bork suppressing. I had it once without sugar and made fresh and it was essentially a chai latte and actually really nice.

Next time the topics will be:

Kakamega rainforest trek
Mandazi (best food ever)
Mebu's home
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Crazy German man

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